Wearing Different Hats at Work – A Santa Easter Egg


T’was the month before Christmas, when all through the office
Not a developer was stirring, not even a mouse click.

In the spirit of the holidays coming up, Colm Murphy, Evin, and I came up with an idea to add a little Easter egg into the Teamwork.com Team page. What we planned was to give everyone Santa hats and the like.

The code itself is simple at the start I was messing around with this repo Kittydir but the photos weren’t perfect; there were many pieces missing or just out of shot.

So, the code we ended up using was using an if statement to check if the date was December and beyond, it uses the example adds Santa Claus to the page.

Then, for each of the the team pages, we used Knockout to loop through the database result; then when displaying the image, I did another check to replace it with a Photoshopped image that Colm did with Santa hats.

In the CMS, there is option to add a Christmas hat to all employees new and past.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this silly blog post and that it brought you some Christmas cheer.
If you would like a Christmas hat on your own photo, checkout Teamwork.com/jobs.