Long live the Engine Room


Here at Teamwork.com we strive to write and deliver good software. Every day we run into different challenges, explore new technologies and solve various problems. The purpose of the new Engine Room is to share what we have learned over the years.

The original Engine Room strayed from the pure tech ideal it was made for as we posted more product updates. With that in mind, we’ve separated our main blog and rebooted the Engine Room on a new platform – Ghost.

Switching to Ghost

For our developer blog we wanted a fast and simple blogging platform. As we’ve been working a lot with Node.js lately, we decided to give Ghost a try.

We were happy with the default minimalist Casper theme, the simple interface and we felt comfortable with the Markdown editor, so only a few minor changes were needed.

  • We added Disqus comments, following the instructions on their official Knowledge Base, we only had to tweak the layout in the post-meta section as it is different in Casper 1.0.
  • Syntax highlighting is a pretty important feature for a developer blog and since it’s not built into Ghost we had to come up with a solution. We looked at various libraries including google-code-prettify and Prism, but we ended up with highlight.js as it is pretty lightweight and supports all the languages we need.

  • Lastly, we added our favicon and made some minor changes to the post header – adding the blog cover image as the background and including the blog logo.

Funnily enough, we had to go through this process twice as Ghost 0.5 was released just as we set our blog up, but it was a lot faster the second time around and it saved us from doing some workarounds such as support for multiple users.

So that’s it for the introductory post, hope it has not been too boring!

We’re planning on blogging here quite frequently, so keep an eye out for new posts as we have some cool stuff to share with you.