Never miss a build failure again

Our integration setup At, we've chosen to use Codeship as our continuous integration platform. Codeship hooks up to Github and allows you to write custom scripts that execute »

Wearing Different Hats at Work – A Santa Easter Egg

T'was the month before Christmas, when all through the office Not a developer was stirring, not even a mouse click. In the spirit of the holidays coming up, Colm Murphy »

10 things to know about Gulp

I love Gulp. It's great in so many ways and for so many purposes. I've been putting off writing a post on it forever. There's just too much to write »

Inside Teamwork Projects for Chrome

Since my recent post about the Timer app, I feel more confident writing about my projects and, today, I'm writing about one of my favorites - Teamwork Projects »

Olc: Ruin someone's day with homoglyphs

You might have seen Ben Johnson's tweet. I'm sorry everyone, I've made a module which makes this a lot easier to do. It's called Olc. "Olc" is the Irish word »